Problems Caused by Ignoring Ford Recall Repair

One of the most common type is a safety recall. A safety defect is described as a problem that exists in a vehicles or iteam of the vehicles equipment that both poses a risk to motor the vehicle safety and could exist in more than one vehicle of the same design or manufacturer, or items of equipment of the same type of manufacture. Like an airbag recall for example. When any type of vehicle recall happens, federal regulations and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requires automakers inform their customers by mail. If you ignore any sort of vehicle recall, you are putting yourself and others on the road at risk. If you are worried that your vehicle might be recalled, check your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). 

Recall Service in DeLand  Sanford Daytona Beach FL at Coggin DeLand Ford

While auto manufacturers do their best to ensure the cars they build are up to the highest standards as possible, once in a while circumstances result in a recall. When you receive a notice of a Ford recall in the mail, don't just trust anyone with your Ford recall service. When you receive notice of a recall, contact us to make the appointment for the repair. You didn't have to buy your Ford from Coggin DeLand Ford for us to perform your recall service. Come stop by Coggin DeLand Ford today and let us perform your recall service for free. Don't wait another minute to schedule an appointment with our service center!

Ford Escape, Focus, F-150, Mustang Recall Repair

Whether you are driving a Ford Escape, Focus, F-150, Mustang or any other Ford vehicle, it may have a recall down the line. That is why it is important to choose your neighborhood Ford dealer for all your recall needs. Check out our service coupons and schedule an appointment with us today! Our state-of-the-art service facility will keep you comfortable while you wait for our quick repairs.


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