Problems Caused by Ignoring Ford Radiator Repair

Your vehicle's radiator is the primary component of the engine cooling system, and it helps to maintain the engine temperature to keep it from overheating. Sometimes, a radiator will fail when you forget to service the coolant. Age, corrosion, and heavy use are also large factors as well. You can tell when your radiator has failed if there are puddles of coolant under your car, a smell under the hood, overheating engine, and/or radiator sludge appears.  When your radiator fails and doesn't get fixed the car can overhead and produce smoke.


Radiator Repair Service in DeLand Sanford Daytona Beach FL FL at Coggin DeLand Ford

Our service center will help keep your Ford in top condition. All of our technicians are trained in all things Ford to keep your Ford vehicle running smoothly, and can be trusted to repair your vehicle's automotive parts correctly. Our state-of-the-art service center will also keep your comfortable while you wait for our quick repairs and we offer extended hours to fit your busy schedule.


Ford Escape, Focus, F-150, Mustang Radiator Repair

Whether you are driving a new or used Ford Escape, Focus, F150, Mustang or any other Ford vehicle, it could need new radiator down at some point. That is why it is important to choose your local Ford dealer for all your radiator needs. Check out our service coupons and schedule an appointment with us today!


Coolant Check | Engine Repair | Transmission Fluid Check

If it turns out the problem is not that you're in need of a new radiator, there are many other car parts like the the coolant, transmission fluid or other parts of your engine that can be causing your vehicle to malfunction. We have awesome prices on all things related to your radiator and more. Come see us today!